The guide for Landlords to enable their tenants to return to the office safely

About the Post-Covid-19 Brochure

Through numerous conversations with our customers we’ve understood that landlords face unique and unprecedented challenges preparing their buildings and tenants to return to the office. We want to help make the process of returning to work easier and offer landlords a single end-to-end solution for their buildings that can be easily implemented.

We’ve also understood that it is vital for landlords to be able to measure if the strategies they are putting in place to welcome employees back are successful and to monitor results. To make this happen, we provide valuable data and insights back to landlords and their tenants in every feature we implement, making it possible for them to iterate on their strategies and ensure their workforce feels safe and secure coming back to work.

About Office App


Office App is the integrated modular & scalable employee experience platform for offices. We bring together all the functionalities and services in your office building onto one platform. Offering our customers, data insights to optimize their workspace and employee experience for 10’s of thousands of office workers in 10 countries in Europe in over 300 buildings to create a Happy Office Life.

With these solutions we are offering Landlords an end-to-end platform to reduce risk of health and safety issues and to measure if their policies are successful.

Thijs van der Burgt, Founder & CEO at Office App

What can you find in the brochure

  • Alleviate congested elevators
  • Phased tenant access control to service your tenants
  • Communicate with your tenants
  • Order lunch from your company restaurant
  • Sense of office hygiene control
  • Measure Restaurant Crowdedness
  • All Covid-19 information in one place
  • Real time insights in tenant health & safety sentiment
  • Touchless Shared Room Booking
  • Privacy, Security & GDPR