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About Nexudus

Nexudus was created in 2012 when co-founders Adrian Palacios and Carlos Almansa were introduced to the concept of coworking through a group of friends. They both loved the idea of coworking and quickly identified the need for a platform that could run workspaces and help operators not only to support, but to upscale their business up as the coworking industry started to flourish. A few years later, they have keep their passion for the coworking industry and this translates into Nexudus being the best and most flexible coworking software and a reference in the industry worldwide.

Along the years Nexudus has evolved and expanded their services parallelly to creating a team of creative and talented individuals that share the same work philosophy and passion for the coworking movement

How it works with Office App

– Users of Office App can see a list of available Nexudus meeting rooms in their office building, and book and manage their bookings.