Room and Desk Booking
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About Joan

Joan is passionate about creating solutions to help you manage the flexible workplaces, varying from meeting rooms, office pods and desks. They offer the Joan meeting room booking system for managing meeting rooms, optimizing your conference room use, and displaying relevant information where you need it the most.

– Seamlessly connects to Wi-Fi.
– Supports standard company calendars.
– Cordless installation on any surface with a Magnetic Mount.
– 99% more power efficient than LCD and a battery life measured in months.
– Rechargeable battery
– E-ink technology on 6 & 13 Inch screens

How it works with Office App

Joan seamlessly integrates with your existing OfficeApp without adding new tools to an already complex office environment. Allowing you to keep track of all upcoming meetings and resource availability. In order for Joan to do so, it will need to connect to the calendar solution of your choice.

– G Suite
– Microsoft Exchange 2010, 2013, 2016 (Outlook)
– Microsoft Office 365
– iCalendar (.ics)

This integration is coming soon– check with your Office App or Joan account manager for more details.