Office App X Mazemap

Enabling your workforce to navigate the new normal with all the tools they need in their pocket

About the Office App X Mazemap Return to Work Solution

After talking to our customers about the problems they are facing with preparing their workforce getting back to work we wanted to make sure that we were able to provide an end-to-end employee solution that helps you get your employees back to work quickly & safely, while giving you the data & insights you need for the future. As an ecosystem focused platform, we also know that we can’t do this alone. Therefore, we’ve teamed up with some of our leading partners to offer a complete, end-to-end, robust and long-term solution. This ensures that your investments in response to the Covid-19 crisis are future-proof, and give you more ROI as you adapt towards the office of the future. We bring more comfort, more trust and make your employees safer in the office. 

By combining Office App’s robust and integrated tenant experience application with leading smart-workplace solutions like Mazemap’s intelligent indoor wayfinding solutions, we bring a full scale, data rich workplace platform to navigate the new normal and the future.  

With these solutions we are offering Corporate Real Estate professionals an end-to-end platform to reduce risk of health and safety issues and to measure if their policies are successful.

Thijs van der Burgt, Founder & CEO at Office App

About Office App

Office App is the integrated modular & scalable employee experience platform for offices. We bring together all the functionalities and services in your office building onto one platform. Offering our customers, data insights to optimize their workspace and employee experience for 10’s of thousands of office workers in 10 countries in Europe in over 300 buildings to create a Happy Office Life.


We see that our customers gaining value and a better experience through the seamless integration of all the tools they work with on a daily basis. We’re happy to be able to collaborate with Mazemap on a joint solution that offers even more value to our mutual customers

KaraLynn Lewis, Senior Partnerships Manager at Office App

About Mazemap

MazeMap is a global provider of digital wayfinding solutions for venues such as offices. Valuable solution partners such as Office App are able to use MazeMap’s flexible APIs that pave the way for innovation by accommodating a number of high-tech integrations which allow for data visualization.

With these solutions, it not only optimizes usage of office spaces but does so responsibly. The solution can aid people returning to work safely by letting them book their desired spaces ahead of time such as a workspace with safe distancing or a room to maintain an appropriate density in the workplace

With the MazeMap and OfficeApp integration, we aim to help employees navigate the workplace, decreasing uncertainty and increasing the user experience through visualization

Thomas Jelle, CEO at Mazemap

What can you find in the brochure

  • Communicate with your workforce
  • Navigation and Points of Interest
  • Touchless Room Booking
  • Sense of office hygiene control
  • All Covid-19 employee information in one place
  • Real time insights in employee Health & Safety sentiment
  • Touchless visitor registration
  • Promote Social Distancing with Occupancy Limits
  • Privacy, Security & GDPR