The Happy Office Life Report

What you need to know to upgrade your employee and workplace experience in 2020.

About the Report

The 2020 Happy Office Life survey results are in! We heard from over 2200 professionals across North America and Europe from a mix of industries, levels of seniority and age range.

Want to hear what they have to say about technology & digital solutions, value-drivers and pain points associated with employers and the workplace?

The employees of today are calling out for digital solutions in the workplace that actively emulate the control they feel in their private lives.

The Happy Office Life report serves as initial insight into how it’s possible to leverage data to improve the workplace and employee experience.

Iain Thompson, Co-Founder at Office App

What you will learn

  • The greatest pain points of employees in the workplace
  • What are the most important value drivers that will help raise employee engagement level at work?
  • Actionable advice for HR managers and corporate decision-makers.


  • Actionable advice for corporate real estate landlords and portfolio managers.